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wedding wears of linen fabric

This was an article published in a local newspaper in 2013. It was in my memories and blessed me again today. Perhaps it could you, too:

A few weeks ago, Wendy took Addi to her first ever dentist appointment. I know, she's five and should have already been, but.....well....I'm a bad parent. So there.

Wendy wrangled our three children into the van using lassos and stun guns, and took them to our good friend Amanda Darty's office. I arrived a few minutes afterwards, swinging by on my way to an eye appointment with Mark Ferris. I walked in just before Addi was called back.

I walked back with her, because while she knew Amanda (er, "Chase's Mom) I knew she would still be nervous. We went back and the tech immediately knelt down to her level. She talked with Addi for a few moments, explained everything she wanted to know about "taking pictures of her teeth" before hand, and like a trooper Addi did everything she was told.

We were led to the room, and Addi was pleasantly surprised to see Chase himself in the room, complete with a toy airplane (Some places use toys and books to keep children occupied, Dr. Darty uses real children. She keeps them locked in the back room in a cage and brings them out as needed). His presence made Addi fell more at ease, as the hygienist worked inside Addi's mouth. She's never had a problem opening her mouth, whether to put food in or let words out--and this time was no different. She gave me the thumbs up to leave for my own appointment, and Wendy sat in the waiting room for her to finish. She sat in the back like a big girl for her first dental checkup. That is a really big deal! wedding wears of linen fabric

"Miss 'Manda" then came in and evaluated her, and gave Wendy the scoop on all she found. Her first cleaning went great, and was pain-free! Addi was excited to find out that she did have a couple of small cavities, and was eager to know if she was getting braces or not. My child is weird. Extremely weird.

Addi was given instructions to floss and brush daily, and given a few tips on dental care. If she heeds to these instructions, she will have a smile brighter than any other child in Jasper!

Addi had a few cavities. Not because she didn't brush, but because there were some things that "slipped through the cracks." Sin is like that. We can do everything we know to do, but sometimes things slip through the cracks and we don't notice them until it's too late, and spiritual decay has set in.

Flossing helps prevent things from settling into places they shouldn't and being forgotten. We must not only "brush" with prayer daily, but we must "floss" with the Gospel, too. So many times we as Christians may pray but forget to read. When we read and study the Word of God, The Holy Spirit will expose things in our lives that have been forgotten about, much like floss will remove the "forgotten" and hidden foods.

Whether it's dental care, exercise, or even car care, proper preventive maintenance will help keep you in good shape and catch things that can decay. The same is true with our Spiritual Loves and walk with Christ. Daily maintenance is required to keep us in good shape and prevent decay!

Unlike dental care, there is never a time that it becomes "too late" to see the Great Physician. He can restore you fully and back to normal, and get you on a daily plan that will improve your Spiritual smile and strength! Christ desires you!!