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Ways to Get Harder Erections to Enjoy Great Sex

Usually young men get instant and hard erections instantly on arousal. However, things change as they age. Most men experience erectile dysfunction in their late thirties or early forties. Your lifestyle and diet are two of the most significant factors that can affect the rigidity of your erections.

Your erections largely depend upon the volume of blood pumped into the penis when you get aroused. Nitric oxide is a chemical produced inside your body that controls flow of blood to the penis since it helps smooth penile muscles relax so that blood vessels can expand and allow more blood to pass through them to the erectile tissue so that your penis can get stiff and erect. vintage rustic collections for wedding in Tea length

Nitric oxide production in your body slows down with age resulting in poor blood flow and weak erections.

Here are some simple and easy ways to boost nitric oxide secretion in your body so that you can get harder and longer lasting erections:

1. Try Aragula Lettuce

If you want to boost your nitric oxide levels, there's nothing better than Aragula lettuce. It has a sort of pungent flavor but it can do wonders for nitric oxide secretion in your body. You can mix it in your salad or run it with water in a blender to make yourself a drink.

2. Try Spinach

Spinach is another green veggie that is high in nitrate content. It can help boost nitric oxide in your body. Moreover, it's also rich in sterols and ecdysteroids. What it means is that it can help boost testosterone too in your body. By increasing testosterone, it can help increase both your libido and erection hardness.

3. Try Beets

Beets are also rich in natural nitrates. Not just this, they also have a high content of natural betaine which helps in lowering estrogen levels in your body. This directly has a positive impact on your testosterone levels.

Apart from this, they are also rich in boron. Interestingly, boron plays an important role in enhancing testosterone in men.

It's hardly surprising that ancient Romans followed the practise of having beets before love-making.

4. Have Some Celery

A lot of men consume celery to increase their semen volume. It's a very powerful testosterone booster since it's rich in zinc. Moreover, it contains a high amount of natural nitrates too. Thus, it can boost nitric oxide production in your body and help you achieve rock solid erections.

Thus, munching on a stalk of raw celery every day can do wonders for your sex life.

5. Lifestyle Changes

Apart from including certain foods such as those mentioned above, it's also important to modify your lifestyle a little bit if you want to get harder erections.

Regular exercise is one of the most important things that can help boost blood flow in your body. Strength training not only burns fat faster but also clears your arteries of plaque to encourage better blood flow to the penis. It helps increase testosterone too.

Apart from this, you must also try to reduce stress in your life. Stress is a silent killer that affects almost all your body faculties. You must try to manage it through yoga or meditation.

6. Try Natural Male Enhancement Pills

Furthermore, you must also try natural male enhancement pills. Such pills contain a potent blend of herbs, minerals and other nutrients that increase nitric oxide and testosterone production in your body. They help boost blood flow to your penis so that you can get instant and harder erections, on arousal.

Some of the top quality pills are backed with clinical approvals and contain ingredients such as l-arginine, ginkgo, muira pauma, damiana, tribulus, long jack, horny goat weed etc.

Such pills are a powerful aid for men to enjoy harder erections without any negative side effects. Yet another benefit of such pills is that they help build your stamina in bed so that you can enjoy longer lasting intercourse.

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