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Yoga for a Healthy Spine. If you have a job where you spend many hours sitting this yoga sequence is for you.

Your body adjust to the type of job, sport, or any regular activity you do often or daily.

If you spend many hour sitting, gravity will push you forward as a result of a weak back. Your hip flexors (muscles in front of your hip) will get tight and your Lower back will get stiff specially when you stand up.

If your lower back is left mistreated you can develop back pain in the future.

In order to improve your posture and prevent back pain, the hip flexors and hamstrings (muscles located at the back of the upper leg) need to have good flexibility, and your whole back need to get stronger to counteract the effects of the gravity which push your body forward. vintage evening formal wears sales back to 1920s

This yoga sequence can improve your postural awareness and the health of your spine.

Start today to take care of your back!
It is just less than 9 minutes dedicating to your health. # yogatherapy # yogaposes # yogaoutside # yogavideo # yogastyle # yogafitness #yogafitness # yogajournal # veganmuscle # veganfit # vegangains # lifestylebloggers # healthytips #yogaposes # healthyfit # healthyoptions #healthyfit # backworkout # yogaforall # fitvegan # yogavibes # yogainstructor # physicaltherapist # fitness

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