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simple and casual wedding collections in short length

I grew up watching gymkahna riders spin their horses and whip them with the reins if they didn't do exactly what the rider wanted. (must be no one ever explained to the rider she/he had to know what they intended to do in their own head before asking the horse.) I watched jumping horse's trained to raise and tuck their legs with a pole hitting them as they went over the jump. A number of times, beyond the publics eye, I saw barb wire wrapped around the pole to get the horse to react because of the pain. I watched people jumping their horses spin and jerk,snatch and sometimes make the horses mouth bleed when they refused a jump.(must be no one explained to the rider if he was out of balance or hesitated then the horse was going to react to this to keep from falling or injuring itself) I watched the results of soreing and thinning the sole or putting a roofing nail in the pad etc so the horse would have action in the front. Bits like twisted wire for a runaway who's tongue was cut in half. (I remember this like yesterday) Long shanks with curbs to tight yet the rider never understood the principles of leverage and the damage it could cause in the wrong hands. I have witnessed rasps broken over a horses rump leaving a bloody spot where the tines penetrated the skin. I saw one person kick a horse in the gut not once but multiple times because he let his anger take over and he was to ignorant to realize the damage he could be causing. simple and casual wedding collections in short length
dope is used to make a horse woozy and allowing the farrier to get his job done, stocks used to contain the horse so his legs can be tied up and restrained to get the horse done. Short cuts, anger driven, lack of knowledge so they do what others have done and think it is correct and the way it is done. As a farrier I went to some barns and saw nails and other items protruding out that could and would cause harm to the horse. I would get angry and try to explain to the owner it was their responcibility to have a safe area for the horse. Barb wire fences have cause more damage than almost anything to horses over the years. "stupid animal got hung up in the wire." Not what should have been said, "stupid owner let the bottom wires hang loose". E is an amazing creature to have even survived through the years. Not because of predators, BUT of the humans who own and work with them.