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Last night, Tuesday, September 26, 2017 was an amazing evening and day. Me and another College Student went out door knocking for sign ups for our bus route that we do every Sat. We were done with Two house, I look over at my right and across the street there is a small park, it had a little field, a playground, swings and a basketball court. I saw that there were kids running around and Young Adult guys over at the basketball court, so I tell my partner, let's go reach out t ... o the kids and the adults, so we walk over, and I asked him you want to talk to the kids or the adults? So he said I will take the kids, so I walk over to the basketball court and he walks over to the kids.

I started talking to the three guys about the bus ministry that LBC offers and stuff. I hand them some flyers I had.

So they stop playing and we walk over to a table and sit down.
I asked them if they went to church anywhere and they answered me with a few church names.

I then felt the moment was right to start sharing the gospel with them. I asked them if they knew where they would go if they died, and the one guy (Genaro) was interested the most so I started focusing on asking him questions. His friend (Bryan ) was listening as well.

(Best part of the whole night)

By this time my partner (Isaiah) had come over to where I was after talking to a few of the kids. After about 30-45 minutes of Talking to him and quoting bible verses we asked Genaro if he wanted to be saved and he said, yes, yes I want to be saved. So Isaiah and myself prayed with him. After we prayed, he said "I feel lighter, I feel something new". We explained to him what that new feeling was. Then Isaiah asked Bryan, do you want to be saved. And Bryan wanted to be saved as well, so Isaiah Prayed with him and I was talking to Genaro what the next step was to do after being saved. Then Bryan accepted Jesus into his heart as well. short length wedding garments in white color

It was so awesome to see two guys get saved right before my eyes. It's NOTHING that I did to get them saved, God used me and Isaiah as his tools to reach these two guys with the wonderful gift of Salvation

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