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romantic boho wedding garments hippie style

And her journey continued..... Sequel to
"How it all started" (the journey of an innocent girl)
Later Nnamdi came in, he's another prince charming but the pains of yesterday couldn't allow you to quickly say yes.
Within you, you know he's got all the qualities you want in a man and his financial status is an added too.
After much pressure from him, you decided to share it with your friends to know their thought.
Nkechi asked you to try him out, Nneka said you should quickly grab him before he's gone, Amaka said you should give it a second thought before saying yes, Oluchi told you to accept him or she would quickly take over and you know what she's capable of doing. romantic boho wedding garments hippie style
In the evening, Nnamdi called as usual to check on you, you changed your tone, you searched the inner you for the sweetest romantic voice you've got, you got him tripping once more with that sweet voice.
He reminded you of his request to date you, you couldn't openly say yes but started smiling sheepishly. He asked if it was a yes, you nodded in concurrence as if he was there with you.
He repeated the question again, you gently said yes and the journey to your end just begun.
You were still very young with bright future, all you wanted was to go to school and become a better person in the future.
Same year, you were blessed with admission into high institution and the temptation doubled.
Many bright students started approaching you as if you were the only pretty girl in the school.
Within you, you don't want to have anything to do with students, after all, your boyfriend is richer than most of them, if not all and you promised to remain faithful to him.
In your second year, you started having issues with one particular course, Infact, the calculations involved was something else and Obinna is a guru in that field.
Obinna once asked you out in your 1st year but you rejected him, and it will be so shameful to beg him to teach you now.
After thinking about it, you got close to him and made your request known, after all success does not ask questions.
He accepted, and that was the beginning of another woeful journey.
One day he demanded for sex, he tried so much to have his way but you could not allow him, he became angry and stopped teaching you.
On the weekend, you decided to pay Nnamdi an August visit to surprise him and gist him about what happened too, but on getting there you were shocked to see another girl, you angrily left.
Who could believe Nnamdi was cheating. It was indeed a great shock.
You got back to school after crying, with frustration, you went straight to Obinna's house as he was your only male friend then. One thing led to the other and something happened.
You now have 4 men on your list.
You didn't cry again, you just revenged what Nnamdi has been doing. (Welcome to the cheating zone)
Nnamdi continued to beg you, he apologized for what he did, he gave you fresh promises and affirmed he would never cheat again.
You accepted him back, but your journey to the CHEATING ZONE had already started.......
To be continued........