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red evening dress

Patience is more than a # virtue , it is a desirable trait,
and while we may not be born with it, We can develop
the behavior. We're all impatient by nature, I try not to
have a tendency, to be quickly irritated or provoked.
I work hard everyday at giving others my patience and understanding. I must admit, that at times, I fall short of
that goal. If only others would consider the impact of their
own actions, the world could be a better place. The Christmas Holiday Season is especially difficult, some
of us are, reminded of the love ones we have lost. The pain
is immediate when we think about them. We feel alone, and
without companion. Oh God why have you forsaken me we
think? The anxiety we feel is through the roof, No Relief, No comfort. When will things ever improve, when will my life get better? These are the question we all ask ourselves, will the struggle never end? All We need is a break in life, I want to tell you a story, about something that happened to me just this past Friday morning around 7:30 AM.

It was morning rush hour and traffic was very heavy, not unusual
for that time of morning, as people are heading to and from work.
I'm in the high speed lane, driving 65 mph when I hear a squeaking sound, wasn't very loud, but I could hear it above my radio, first thought was to continue on, the voice in my head said
pull over. So I made my way across three lanes of interstate traffic to the far right side of the road to access the emergency lane to park. Just as I slow down to pull over I heard the sound from a flat tire, I had just rolled to the shoulder of the road and parked. I got out to investigate what I thought was a simple flat tire, and was shocked. See the images below, I was flabbergasted to see my tire ripped to pieces when after going flat I had only rolled a few feet. It was 26 degrees outside and very cold, but I had to change it. As I open my trunk to get my temporary tire, I hear a vehicle pull up behind me, I hadn't been parked 5 min, and here comes a tow truck outta no where. This big guy get out and places orange cones behind his two truck for safety and turns on his flashing yellow lights, I'm thinking it my lucky day. He changed my tire in minutes using a portable cordless impact wrench and lowered my car, I asked how much I owed and he replied nothing, it free, I said accept a $20 tip, he refused and handed me his internet info to go leave a comment on his service. Of course I wrote a novel, (just like now). red evening dress

I literally was on-off, and back on the interstate all in about 15 minutes. Felt very lucky, then I realized, things could have gone a different route. My tire could blown at 65 mph, and I ended up sideways on the interstate in the path of a tractor-trailer. That when I realize that God had a plan, he protected me, and Both myself and my car were self, no one got hurt.

So what's my point, even when you think that God isn't there, he is. even when you have nothing and no one to share your life with, he's still there. All I want everyone to take away from this story is to keep your faith, no matter how bad life seems, no matter if you got nothing, zero, if you have your faith, thing will change. Having said all of this, it brings me back to patience, it is a #Virtue, and so "Faith that Everything Is Going To Be Alright".