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purple lavender outfits for flower girl

I want to escape my body sometimes

Trapped in a body of expected brutality

A rebellion of softness is a gentle mutiny

I am supposed to dominate

Things, women, but never my emotions

I want to escape the ideas of masculinity most days

I am supposed to approach women as if they are mine to conquer

It is a sin to be soft, a sin to care too much

To be vulnerable is to be weak

I think sometimes we put too much weight into the tears of men

I understand the sentiment

But I think it's more important to just be open

To express our feelings and desires and thoughts to women we claim to love

Maybe we would hurt them less

Maybe we would love them like they deserve

Maybe we would stop hiding our hurt in growth, our self awareness in the women we already broke to get here

Our wives and girlfriends should not have to form circles and discuss the ways in which our love harms them

But we made that healing necessary, our love is not gentle enough with them

I want to escape my prison, I want to escape my punishment, I want to escape the pain I caused

I want to love you as you deserve, beyond good enough, beyond the limitations of my own masculinity and beyond my capabilities purple lavender outfits for flower girl

I want to love you into other worlds

I want to escape me with and for and because of you

You deserve a free version of me