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plus size long sleeve wedding dresses

To all of the young ladies who are trying to sell your prom dresses, if they do not sell, please consider donating those beautiful dresses to CHHS. We always have students who would love to go to prom but just aren't able to afford the cost of a formal dress. We are always in need of dresses in any size. I promise your donation will be appreciated.

I was fortunate to work with a young lady a couple of years ago. A local business donated a dress to this girl who just needed a dress. That young lady was so happy to go to prom and her happiness radiated in beauty.

Make someone who just wants to be able to go to prom have this once in a lifetime experience. Don't let that dress just hang in your closet.

***Edit. I'm overwhelmed with the responses to this simple post.

My school is located in Hardin Co KY. If you are not near here or if your children go to a different school district, contact your local school. There are many opportunities to donate. Every high school has formal events...and I guarantee every school has students in need. Donate to the school of your choice, I know your donation will be appreciated. plus size long sleeve wedding dresses