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plus figure blue wedding gown

William – the saga continues – Part 45.a

One year later, at that very spot, overlooking the lake, we stood before our family and friends - we wed. During that year, my family built a log cabin on our farm. Since we were both in school and we did not want to spend a lot of money on a ‘fancy’ wedding, we decided that we would have a simple ceremony. Claire loved the daisies, so, after I received the okay from my parents, I installed an arched trellis and planted daisies for our wedding, creating an arbor in the spot by the river, where we had our special ‘picnic’ the summer before.

That day finally arrived, and the weather was beautiful. Clear blue skies and the lake in the background was the perfect backdrop for ‘our day’. Claire wore her Mother’s wedding dress. Her long dark chestnut hair was pulled up and baby’s breath blossoms were woven into her hair. Her bouquet were made from daisies (that I had raised) along with a mixture of baby’s breath and were held together by a yellow ribbon.

I took my place in a white tuxedo, my Dad was my best man. Our priest arrived and took his place and the music began. I looked up and saw a vision walking out of the log cabin, holding on to her Dad’s arm. The closer she came, the more my chest swelled and I could not believe how lucky I was.

After the ceremony and the reception, we spent our honeymoon at the log cabin by the lake. Our parents, friends, and family had decorated the cabin with flowers and stocked the refrigerator and the pantry.

That week was magical. We came to know each other in the most intimate of ways and we had discussions on how we wanted to build our life.

I will never forget the day of our wedding and our honeymoon, as long as I live.

After our honeymoon, we found an apartment in one of the large houses on Park Street, which is adjacent to Central Park. We did not have the money to buy new furniture, but we were so lucky that our parents, family, and friends helped to furnish our new house with miss-matched pieces. Claire was so clever! She turned these pieces into a warm and comfortable home by covering the furniture with old quilts, and vases full of flowers. Since neither of us really knew how to cook, we learned together and worked together to clean our apartment and wash our clothes. plus figure blue wedding gown

We were young and so very happy, and no matter how busy we were, we always took the time to have our ‘alone’ time, even if it was late at night. We would make love for hours and hours, until we would fall asleep from exhaustion, and wake up our legs entwined and her head on my shoulder.

We were so happy, so young, and so much in love.

And so - the saga continues…