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"The human body is the best picture of the human soul."

Here are 9 things you can expect to see in yourself from the moment you start being active to an hour, a week, months, & a year down the road.

1. Immediately: Researchers who have tested muscle DNA after people exercised briefly, found the DNA was flipping genetic switches that direct muscles to make better use of oxygen & fuel to meet the increased demand.
2. When you finish: Your brain's prefrontal cortex, which is most important to your memory & attention functions, gets busy because levels of dopamine & BDNF (crucial for maintaining & developing neurons) skyrocket. This leads to faster connections & improvements in cognitive functioning. over size garment for bridesmaid in modest style
3. After an hour: Your metabolism stays revved up. This is thanks to your elevated HR & breathing. This means your body is burning extra calories. Higher levels of serotonin (feel-good chemical) boost mood & decrease stress.
4. After a day: You'll feel sore thanks to the breakdown of muscle fibers. This can be a good sign, however, because when your body repairs the fibers, it rebuilds them stronger to withstand the demands you're making of them.
5. After a week: The powerhouse in your muscles (aka the mitochondria) starts multiplying. As a result, you'll gain more stamina & strength. As you adjust to activity, you might also feel more fatigue which contributes to sounder sleep.
6. After a month: Your lungs are getting stronger & improving at oxygenating your blood. This helps your body burn calories for fuel & translates into more daily energy for everyday chores & functions.
7. Over 6 months: Your muscles will look more toned. All that breaking down & rebuilding of muscle fibers gives you a lean, athletic look. You'll also crave exercise more & be ready for new challenges. Your heart has grown stronger as well.
8. After a year: You'll likely have dropped several pant sizes & your clothes will fit much better. Your bones will also be much stronger thanks to the demands of your activity, fortifying you against fractures & osteoporosis.
9. Over a lifetime: Achieving fitness early in life eases aging: research has found that when people are more active through the decades, even if they just do 5 sessions a month, they retain more strength, balance, coordination, & agility.

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