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not expensive prom party wears in black

Like a whisper soft, the leaves brushed past my ears, not expensive prom party wears in black
The rain drops so cool, falling on my head,
Like dew drops they rest on my eyelashes and lips
And I give in to the ecstasy of an imagined kiss.

My tears have mingled with the falling rain
The fragments of my heart from you I have hid
Forgetting the pain that is so deep and intense
I give in to my imagination of me in your arms.

I lie alone on the moss, deep in the woods
No eyes to pry into my mind and my thoughts
The fragrance around that the wild flowers spread
Remind me of you when you creep into my bed.

Just thoughts of you take my breath away
In my dreams, for you I the carpet spread
Tread gently along, the path with danger is wrought
For you I will wait till the end is in sight.