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mint green formal dresses


THEM - Y'all going see this movie but it's putting money in the white mans pockets! ?
ME- Who owns the company you pay your phone bill, lights, mortgage, cable bill, water bill, wifi, cell phone, rent, etc..... to?
Sooooo your not helping finance a white owned company? Many who don't even hire blacks in executive positions
Yet, because these things are a necessity, it's ok to finance those things ....... unlike the movie ...... blacks aren't making hella money with these companies per say

THEM- I don't know why black people excited for this movie, it does nothing for black people !
ME- it shows little blacks kids they can be great, it shows we can act in movies with only us, it puts money in black people pocket (cast & crew), it's obtaining skills to produce and obtain your own, it gives some people hope, .... I can go on and on
It puts black people in a place they haven't been in, in a long time due to racism, prejudice, stereotypes and bigotry, it shows black people playing something other than drug dealers, crack heads, heto men dressing up like women, loud black women, angry black women, fatherless mothers, black fathers abandoning their families, and all the other type of movies negative ass black image movies y'all like to watch (THATS CREATED BY BLACK PRODUCERS) mint green formal dresses

THEM- The black panther movie, isn't pro black
ME- it's movie not a lifestyle ALL BLACK PEOPLE NOT PRO BLACK! but nevertheless- they are BLACK (and for my overly educated folks ? .... Black is NOT a nationality or race of people.... I simple talking about pigments ? *rolls eyes*

THEM- I'm tired of hearing about the Black Panther movie
ME- but you not tired of posting blacks fighting, getting killed, being profiled, experiencing racism and prejudice, giving Trump a platform on your page, posting fuckery..... you tired because it's not something negative ..... positivity is always boring!
It's funny, you don't get tired of seeing negative shit all damn day


# IQ