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maternity and pregnant wedding dresses

RAPE is bad and should be condemned by every well-meaning and sane individual, but the way most social media anti rape advocates define and interpret RAPE on social media is ludicrously ambiguous and unreasonable, some of them even think getting your own wife pregnant against her will is RAPE, they make it seems SEX is solely the woman's call.

They forget that the way they define and interpret RAPE is not necessarily the same way a law court will define and interpret it. Tell girls to be wise and stop sleeping in the houses of their admirers because not every rape cases can be proven in court.

I am writing this on the premise of the trendy "EVEN IF SHE IS NAKED IN YOUR BED" crap that I keep seeing in my News Feed, can't we just be realistic for once? Two adults decide to have sex, in the middle of the show while they are both engulfed with the chemistry, the girl says stop, he ignores and continue, then the next morning she screams "RAPE RAPE" then social media juries start passing judgment. But the court is waiting to burst their burbles. maternity and pregnant wedding dresses

Girls be wise, that's my blunt message for you! Listen to social media hypocrites at your peril.