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Sharing this post of my Friend Gail Orcutt who has stage 4 lung cancer from Radon. She never smoked. As a matter of fact- she is one of two of my friends who received a lung cancer diagnosis despite never smoking- and THEN found out their homes were very high in Radon, a colorless, odorless gas. One of these wonderful ladies, Lori Foley Tassin- lost her battle two years ago. Have you checked your home? It is easy and cheap. If you find a problem, it is relatively easy t lace-up corset dresses for a wedding ... o fix. This is a big problem in the midwest, especially in Iowa! Whether a lung cancer diagnosis is from smoking or Radon, however is irrelevant. Lung cancer is a killer- and it needs better treatment options! This disease needs more research dollars! Please see Gail's comments:

Hey friends,
Tomorrow is the start of Lung Cancer Awareness Month and I have a favor to ask of you...
Some time in the month of November, please, please, please talk about lung cancer.
Share the fact that lung cancer remains the #1 cancer killer and kills more than the next 4 deadliest cancers combined. Tell people how it will kill twice as many women as breast cancer this year. Talk about the fact that it receives a fraction of the research dollars that many other cancers do. And, because it will inevitably come up, talk about how most new cases of lung cancer happen in people who quit smoking years ago or never smoked at all.
There can be no new treatments without research. There can be no research without funding. There can be no funding without advocacy. And there can be no advocacy without awareness.
Help me raise the awareness, please!
# noonedeservestodiefromlungcancer # endthestigma
# LCSM # LCAM # NoStigma

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