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ivory or beige wears for flower girl

Haven is a lil puffy from all the fluid. But seems to feel pretty good . I'm about to give her a bath and do her night flush. Before we get ready for bed. We are still in the ICU. They might move us during the night if they need this room but I'm not sure. We just want to keep a very close eye on her kidneys. Her creatinine levels are continuing to rise . But her bun is going lower. Which is a good thing. Usually it's her creatinine level that goes down in her bun that goes up. Her potassium levels are also slightly increased from normal. But we are still within normal range. Your potassium is supposed to be at 3.5 , Haven is at 4.8 right now. As long as we stay under 5 it's within the normal range. We are currently watching trolls and singing along. ivory or beige wears for flower girl