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high street or monsoon bridesmaid collections

Good advice, BUT! It's not a proof that the smell or taste passes through the umbilical cord to the fetus. The mother who ate french fries and coke throughout pregnancy usually continues doing so after the birth. The baby sees HER eating that stuff... and that's what's AROUND... so of course that's what BABY wants, too!
That said...
Here in Israel, where we are blessed with The Ingathering of the Exiles of Israel! People come from all kinds of food cultures. Those who come from the east tend to eat spicy food; those who come from the west tend to eat bland food. It comes as no surprise that their babies, when weaned, enjoy the kind of food which their mothers eat. Israeli Mommy Folklore is that the spices (or lack thereof) pass through in the mothers' milk; so that Baby develops the taste for his/her culture's food that way. Here too, there's no proof as to the mechanics of this! After all, Baby has lived in that household for several months before he/she gets solid food. During those months, Baby has smelled the cooking; seen his parents and siblings happily eat the spicy (or bland) food; Baby's first concept of what "food" IS is learned from the environnment. high street or monsoon bridesmaid collections
The question is: WHICH environment? Pre-natal or Early Childhood?