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halter neck wedding bridal outfits

Repeat after me: "Fight, flight, freeze, and friend." Those are all natural reactions of the human animal to confrontation.
If the problem's at a distance (both physically distant and not involving friends or loved ones), I've frozen in the past. If it's in my face, I naturally go to friend, because I'm convinced I can talk the problem away and am big enough to feel like I can stop a situation by force if absolutely necessary. Today that meant I had my ass groped and my neck kissed by a 50 year old Egyptian man who either couldn't read body language or who didn't care (most likely the latter).

I went to Broadway karaoke with friends at Burkhart's tonight because it's great and I hadn't been in a while. As you might know, due to my weight-loss my resolution for 2017 was to dress as well as possible as cheaply as possible, so I put on a nice looking suit made up of various thrift store finds because it's how I'd like to look normally. Funny thing, that: pretty much everyone who gets dressed nice is doing it for themselves and how it makes them feel, not to look good for someone they've never met and don't know. I got to sing "That's Who i'd Be" from Shrek the Musical, which I'd always thought would be just out of my range, but was happy to find is right in my wheelhouse, so if anyone hears of auditions for the show around Atlanta, let me know! Generally had a good time hanging out with friends, sang some fun duets with Nolan and Maggie, but later in the night I was approached by the man. I tried to be cordial but distant and hope he'd get the hint. He did not, and kept pulling me close to whisper in my ear and try to feel me up, taking the fact that I didn't immediately pull away from being whispered to in a loud bar as an excuse to kiss my neck. I kept telling him I was leaving soon, was there with friends, and he didn't take the hint. At one point he told me he liked my friend because "he has a nice, big ass" and went to start talking with him. I kind of thought for a moment that my friend would know better how to tell the guy to back off, but again the man wasn't taking hints. I'd said to a friend that I'd stay through their last song, and when it started the guy was trying to get me and my friend to dance with him. I fell on that grenade to keep him busy until the song was over and I could get the hell out. In that time, he pushed his way in close and felt up my ass, so I tried to keep him at arms' length, and was mostly successful through the song, and then was able to leave with my friends. Plenty of people who read this have had similar and worse experiences, and I'm sorry. Some of you might have been that kind of guy in other circumstances: treating distant friendliness as a license to do what you want to someone who does not want you to in the hopes that it will be over soon. Try to be aware, and never treat courtesy as an invitation. halter neck wedding bridal outfits