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fitted prom dresses

I know I post wise ass stuff all day... please read, Any ladies that want to donate their wedding dress, prom dress, or anything similar please contact Georgia Castle Harris


Georgia Castle Harris added 2 new photos . January 13 at 10:55am · Suffolk County, NY, United States ·

I could use some help. If you want to skip the details and go to my need just scroll to the bottom. Here's how this started.

Sarah posted these cool children's surgical caps that volunteers make and donate to a hospital in Rochester. I thought what a cool idea and contacted someone at Stonybrook Children's Hospital who coordinates with the Stonybrook Stitchers to see if it was something they could use. They could use them and love the idea and are working to get permission for their use.

However, in the process of talking to this awesome woman, she asked...."Since you can sew and no pressure (pause), we could really use fetal demise pouches." She explains what they are and tells me that it creeps people out, it's hard to find volunteers to make them and they have a hard time keeping them in stock. I, the courage it must take to even ask someone if they would make these for you.

If you don't know what they are, grab a tissue.... they are these tiny little pouches/wraps/shrouds where they place stillborn babies who are too small and fragile to wear clothing. The name fetal demise pouch is so cold. If you are going to search what they are also look for angel wraps, angel shrouds, bereavement gowns. :-( I've shown you a couple of pictures of them. I'm going to make my own pattern similar to these using satin, lace and ribbon on the outside, lined with flannel.

I never even thought this was a thing and how incredibly sad that they are so desperately needed. I've searched through all of my stash and gathered up all the white, pink and blue satin, flannel, ribbon and lace I can find. I've got enough to get started.

When I craft I pour a lot of energy into my projects. I want people to be happy and feel love when wearing or using things that I make. I will do the same here. I'll play kind music when making them and think about giving those moms and dads strength and warmth and love.

She told me that one woman makes them from used wedding gowns she gets at garage sales and such. I did a quick search of eBay and bid on a few that I hope I can get cheap. I'm going to look for a place to get flannel, ribbon and lace in bulk.

Here's where I could use some help. Do you have an old wedding dress you want to part with for a good cause? Could even be a white, pink or blue prom or bridesmaid dress. If you have something you can donate just send me a message and I'll give you my address for mailing. If you're local I can try to pick it up. I've made this public for least until the day my house is filled with dresses. Please share with your friends. fitted prom dresses

Thanks so much for any help you can give!

Addendum: Someone asked...I suppose it could be any pastel color, or gold or silver.