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chic dress for prom party look amazing

A quick story...
I met this pretty lady in junior sec.schl...ours was hatred at first sight..note:she didn't offend me o,I just didn't like her...
Ds is wat happened:
Our teacher introduced her as the newest student and told her to introduce herself formally...babe stood up n did o,DTS where my beef started...I was angry cos she had this polished accent like somebody from obodo oyinbo...end of story.. chic dress for prom party look amazing
Still can't remember how we clicked as friends,all I know is I became her tomboy partner,gossip n reading partner..we were inseparable..
Fast forward to years later,this my former enemy refused to let me has been with me through thick and thin..she has taken a lot of my nonsense..I push her to the wall and she bounces back..
She practically took over my wedding(venue,hotel,wedding dress,bridal shower,aso short everything).I just had to present myself that day as the
I can't pay you back,no matter how much I try..
You have shown me that sisters mustn't be blood related..Thanks for your motherly advice and prayers
I'm sorry for all the times I made you mad,sorry for the insults n stress you had to take on my behalf
My prayer is that God showers his blessings upon you beyond your imaginations
I love you more than words can express. Happy birthday
My CPU,baby oku,ada ada...