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From: The Boyfriends Association Of Nigeria To Girlfriends
With regards to the meeting held today, the Boyfriend
Association of Nigeria decided to go on a two months strike
starting from 2nd December, 2017. This strike is not to cause
any riot or any form of breakup with our beloved girlfriends.
We plan to use this strike period as a time for appraisal and
re-dedication in our
supposed relationship. During this period, all forms of
communication (formal or otherwise) is allowed but all form
of FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE will be put to rest. We
assure our girlfriends that this supposed strike period, our
commitment will be 100% and won't be questioned, also, this
period will not, WE REPEAT, will not pose a threat to the
Full boyfriend responsibility will resume on the 1st of
February, 2017 to enable both parties plan for the upcoming
valentine(14th February, 2018). We thank our girlfriends for their anticipated champagne flower girl dresses
"Good Behavior" during this period.
Signed; Publicity secretary BAN Thank u