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bridesmaid collations with 3 4 sleeve

I joked about having to come back to Seattle and get back to work so I could slow down and grieve, but that's not happening. My computer had some sort of power melt-down so I bought a new one. Monday was spent trouble-shooting the old one. Yesterday mid-day was the purchase and set-up of the new. The tech who came to help me couldn't extract the data from my hard drive because the old unit has no power. I tried to get to work but my e-mail won't allow me access and won't let me change passwords. At about 6pm, I gave up for the night (I go to bed at about 7:30). At 6:06 my cable on TV froze. I spent 90 minutes on the phone with Comcast 'tech support'. I still don't have my home studio up and running and I am FRIED. I'd like to know which gods I pissed off so I can make the appropriate sacrifice and get my functioning life back. bridesmaid collations with 3 4 sleeve