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bohemian wedding dresses for sale

Today marks 4 years that my Mom passed. I miss her a lot, and I am so glad there are a lifetime of memories to share...Here are 10: 1. Scrabble games played on rainy days. 2. Beach Boys songs sung at the top of our lungs when I was a teen and she would drive me to work at Western Sizzlin' in Destin. 3. Her delicious fried chicken...oh ma gaaaa! 4. She always smelled of Coppertone in the summer, she was a bronze goddess! 5. She sang like a bird. 6. She would rock me as a small child and sing, "I love you, a bushel and a peck" 7. I made her come to the movies with me to see The Aristocats when I worked at the Cinema 10 in Destin as a teenager. 8. She was an amazing seamstress, she made my wedding gown with Ms. bohemian wedding dresses for sale Sally Ashwood . (The marriage ended but the dress is still hanging! LOL!) 9. She had a booming laugh and when she smiled her eyes would crinkle up. 10. She gave the best Momma hugs ever! I love you and miss you....but I celebrate you today and always. I LOVE YOU CAROL HARTHCOCK!