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baby blue prom dress

To all the parents out there:

Do you have a baby that is constipated, gets diarrhea, or suffers from gas? I have done research because my poor little newborn was constipated for 4 days during the first week. I read that the babies gut bacteria is out of whack if that happens. So to save myself the several doctor visits, I decided that I would try PROBIOTIC supplement to get her little digestive system back on track. IT WORKED!!!! I gave her the probiotic at noon the first day I got it and by 7pm she finally pooped!!!

~So lets talk about what can cause this to happen. And one of the most common cases for an unbalanced immune/digestive system are caesarian babies, like my two are. During the preparation for surgery, the doctor will give you antibiotics to fight infection in the mother after surgery. Well, because you are still "pregnant" during the prep, the baby gets the antibiotics in their system as well. This results in killing all the good and bad bacteria. So all the good bacteria that the baby needs in their little digestive system is killed off along with the bad. baby blue prom dress

~Formula can also cause your baby to have constipation, this is the most common cause for constipation. So if you feed formula and you have a constipated baby, try probiotics and you will notice a huge difference!! If you still have problems with your baby after trying this then I suggest you see your pediatrician because your baby may just be allergic to something. So many parents are told to go to Soy-based formula instead of trying a more natural solution like probiotics and still staying with the Milk-based formula.

There are many probiotics out there. The one I'm using is "Mommy's Bliss" Probiotics (you can find at Target for $23). I decided to use this because it was one I could buy right off the shelf and start using right away for my little girl to get her going. It works wonders so far and I'm very pleased with it.

I hope you mommies try this before you switch to Soy-based formula or do and harsh medicines.

I hope this helps your babies out like it did mine!