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Spaghetti Strap evening dresses

Jacket overcoat : VIOLET FANTASY
Refined # Jacket overcoat made of precious yarn composed by # wool yarn violet color and neckband pink /gold shades. Finished with lurex and lilac wool.
Fine # crochet pattern that creates an elegant grid, large 3/4 sleeve, made entirely by hand.
An elegant outerwear to wear on a dress or top, or informal outwear on casual shirt.…/giacchino-soprabit…/

# madeinitalycollections # madeinitaly # handmade # letramedirossella

Giacchino soprabito - Violet Fantasy - Made in italy collections - TR 02 Giacchino soprabito: VIOLET FANTASY Raffinato giacchino coprispalle realizzato con prezioso filato composto da lana colore viola ed una fettuccia Spaghetti Strap evening dresses Products shown: