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DorrisWedding flower girl outfits of tulle

Sorry but please bear with me and my rant I.dont often on here but I am done. You are the poster child for piece of shit dead beat dad. I have never said a mean word or been rude to you until now. I have always told you I would make sure you had your child in your life as long as you wanted her in your life and put forth an effort to be a part of her couldnt even do that. Well no more you proved she is not important to you. Here is how important she is to you. Monday
Richard Phillips :Adriana you never let me have kinley over night

Adriana Crumrine : ok richard you can have her for the whole weekend this weekend
Richard: ok great
Richard: probaly cant have kinley this weekend I am sick with pnemonia I dont want to get her sick
Adriana:ok whatever but you werent to sick to go to your girlfriends and be with her kids.
Adriana: so you bitch at me I dont give you kinley so I do and you cancel jist forget it can you help me with diapers and maybe a dew sleeprs for kinley
Richard: adriana I dont know I have shit I have to take care of when do You need them
Adriana: tomorrow I am almost out
Adriana: can you bring those diapers by 11
Richard:no wont have my paycheck that early
Adriana: ok by 2
Richard: I have shit to do adriana.
Friday evening 800pm...btw I bought the diapers as usual.

Richard:already half drunk kicked back pooring beer down his fucking throat at the club rodeo.
Ok niw I am pissed cause pooring beer down your throat was more important than diapers and having your daughter after bitching at my daughter about letting you have your daughter over night for the first time you cant even find the time to even pretend like she is werent to sick to take your girlfriend to the club and get drunk. And when I go off on you you want to say I am immature guess what dick maybe so but this immature bitch is helping raise your daughter cause you are basically nothing but a liar a cheat and a drunk and a bastard that puts his hands on women that has proved that you have no desire to be a father to your child Its more important for you to play daddy to your girlfriends kids that arent yours than for you to have to be a real man and be a father to your child. Its ok its now very clear where your priorties lay and it dam sure isnt to your daughter. Oh and before your girlfriend want to put her opinion in here is some truth for her in six months richard has bought his daughter 1 case of diapers 1case of wipes and one can of formula and maybe 3 sleepers. That was after living in my home not working for 3months me and my terminally ill husband supported him and he couldnt even keep his child while adriana worked. I did that.most days. But you wanna say he is a good father and it's all adrianas fault Oh and while living in my home not only did he have another girl pick him up down the street from my house and texting several other girls he had the balls to lay his hands on my daughter. So trust me when I say she in no way wants richard you can have the worthless piece of shit all to yourself. Any man can make a baby but it takes a real man to raise it. Richard you made your choice very clear. You are just not a real man Kinley is not an important part of your life. Oh yeah and last sunday once again couldnt make time to see her cause something came up...that something was going to the.mall with your girlfriend and her kids so you canceled on.your kid. So since you cant be bothered to find the time for your daughter have fun playing daddy cause you are dam sure a failure at being a real one. It must be hard for you keeping up with all the lies you tell. Adriana told you from the start you will not be allowed to only be a dad when its convient for you so guess what your off the hook dick kinley deserves a daddy who wants to be in her life. And she will have that just not from you. Dont worry you will never again be bothered to do anything for her. Or spend any of your money on things she needs it's ok we knew you would never step up. You want to call adriana a child funny. Adriana has done it alone from day one and is an amazing mom. Kinley is better off. You loss richard you cant blame anyone but yourself for this. You make me sick I gave you chance after chance but I guess a piece of shit low life like you will never grow up. sad really but atleast we saw through your shit early cause kinley doesnt even hardly know you so she wont miss what she never had to begin with. Dont bother posting a reply cause no one cares how you feel about my post. So hey go have a beer. And next time you want to tell me to f@$k off grow some balls and say it to my face not wait til I am walking away. Maybe if your lucky someday kinley will forgive you for not want her but dont count on it because your not worth her forgiveness. Have a nice life ya fucking piece of shit so glad adriana finally realized how worthless you really are. So like I said richard.phillips is the perfect definition of a low life piece of shit dead beat dad. Good bye loser DorrisWedding flower girl outfits of tulle