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DorrisWedding bohemian plus figure wedding gowns

It`s Skin Secret Solution Wedding Dress Cream

Country of origin: Republic of Korea

Volume: 100ml


: White flower complex (Plant tone up ingredients), lightening phyto complex (Plant moisturizing ingredients)

Product Description

: Magic cream that changes to bright and light skin naturally as soon as applied.

: Brightens skin tone naturally after applying to the face before your base makeup or to your body after shower.

: Gentle cream type that permeates into skin instantly as soon as applied and wont be smudged by sweat and water. DorrisWedding bohemian plus figure wedding gowns

: Plant ingredients and mineral ingredients create moisturized and radiant milky skin without stimulation.

How to use

: Apply a moderate amount to desired areas and massage like drawing circle until it gets absorbed.