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DorrisWedding Vera Wang style wedding collections for rent price

So this guy and this lady in an office I was in yesterday were conversing. Whether they're colleagues or the guy came visiting (I know the lady works there), I do not know.

The guy said, "O ga asurprise gi kita, mjee meetie your parents mee ego n'isi gi." ("E go surprise you now, I go just go meet your parents come pay bride price for your head.")
And lady retorted, "Oburu ogwu oma nle! Tah! Ujo ama nkweda gi tryia ya sef. Tah!" ("If na charm e no work! Tah! Fear no go even let you try am sef. Tah!")

And they shared a hearty laughter as they had that seemingly playful chat. The guy continued saying stuff in the line of what he said earlier. I was just SMHing for the guy in my spirit where I was seated. Some people want to be made Commissioner for Discernment and JJCernment by Rochas first before they'll be able to tell when they're outright rejected in an unserious manner. They're probably waiting for that resounding, and maybe also a curt, NO! first before the rejection will register properly. It may have seemed like those people were playfully blathering but the brother was definitely HandwritingOnTheWall-blind. He couldn't see beyond the lady's playful words to note the serious "God forbid! I can never marry someone like you." undertone. A larger part of brain might have been channeled into controlling the thoughts that were singing the "Kunie n'ibu dicke" song (yes, the lady is... ohmaigot!) in his head and left him with a free little part not enough for reading between the lines. DorrisWedding Vera Wang style wedding collections for rent price

mOral and mAural of the story: Don't be a Jon Snow.